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The MACMILLAN DEVELOPERS Pvt. Ltd. is a well diversified infrastructural industrial conglomerate in India. Over the decades it has maintained its salience with leadership in its chosen line of businesses Transforming challenges into opportunities has been the hallmark of the Macmillan Group, ever since its inception five decades ago. The Group is a diversified infrastructure conglomerate with business interests in Engineering & Construction, Cement, Power & Real Estate.

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Macmillan Services

To carry on the business of project execution and of consultant engineers. Architects, surveyors, estimators and designers, contractor, builders, estate developers, planner for Development of sites, landscaping, building, roads, bridge, irrigation structures, Sewerage, drainage, water supply and public heath engineering work railway airport, cinema houses, hotels, market complex and to construct, execute, improve, work layout and develop, build, erect, demolish, alter, repair, remodel, manage and control works and conveniences of all kinds in connection with roads, railways, airport, cinema houses, Hotels, bridge, canals, embankment, dams, reservoirs, parks, irrigation improvement, sewage, drainage, sanitary, water, gas, electric light power supply works and cold storage, warehouse, markets, hotels and building or building scheme and all other works or convenience whatsoever.


Water & Environment


Roads & Highways

Macmillan Group is one of the major Infrastructure and Construction services company in India. We have a breadth of experience encompassing all sectors of the Infrastructure industry from dams, tunnels, micro-runnels, hydroelectric projects, irrigation projects, highways, roads, bridges, railways, refineries to real estates and townships.
We have been providing our clients with reliable solutions to their most complex construction challenges.

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